Economic Policy

Economic policy encompasses trillions of dollars in capital across all investment sectors in the United States, including issues of taxation, budget and appropriations, the national debt and deficit and myriad spending initiatives ranging from tax cuts to infrastructure investment. Tax reform is top of mind for investors domestically and internationally in 2017 and corporations, individuals and multinational entities are all subject to headline risk and substantial adjustment under a Republican-controlled Congress and White House. Veda Partners incorporates economic data and calculations from the United States Treasury, Congressional Budget Office, Joint Committee on Taxation and myriad other platforms to assess the scale and scope, revenues and offsets for each provision being considered by federal agencies, Congress and the White House. In addition, we layer on a deep knowledge of the political ramifications for members in all 50 states and districts to assess the prospects for passage of individual legislative proposals and major macroeconomic events such as a debt ceiling default or government shutdown.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Border Tax Adjustment
  • Debt Ceiling (Suspension & Extraordinary Measures)
  • Budget Process & Appropriations
  • Continuing Resolutions/Government Shutdown Threats
  • Trade & Tariff Policy
  • Individual Tax Reform
  • Corporate Tax Reform
  • Pass-through Entity Tax Reform

Henrietta Treyz is our Director of Economic Policy and a Managing Partner of the firm with a reputation on the Street and Capitol Hill for cutting across partisan divides and separating fact from fiction. Our team navigates between DC power centers, including not just lawmakers and the Administration, but the special interests who seek to influence them and the hardworking staff who advise them.

HealthCare Policy

Veda Partners provides healthcare policy and fundamental analysis to institutional equity and credit investors, private equity, and venture capital. Our goal is to help clients identify market inefficiencies and investible opportunities resulting from the market’s misapplication of underlying regulatory, policy, and marketplace trends. To best achieve this goal, we have built a “buy-side” platform on the “sell-side” to provide meaningful, investible counsel to our clients. We take a top-down, bottom-up approach to our work: tracking and analyzing regulatory, political, demographic, and market data to identify and project broad mid- and long-term trends, and determine which sectors and sub-sectors are best positioned or worst-positioned to perform within the broader directional framework.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Medicare and commercial payment policy for hospitals, post-acute care providers, dialysis facilities, clinical laboratories, and other providers
  • Healthcare payment and information technology reform and the impact on providers and managed care
  • Secular and policy trends affecting all healthcare payors, i.e., commercial insurers, Medicare Advantage plans, and managed Medicaid plans
  • Legislative and regulatory alterations to the Affordable Care Act and its impact on all sub-sectors of healthcare
  • The pharmaceutical and biotechnology sub-sectors, including the FDA approval process, Medicare Parts B and D payment policies, and the drug distribution channels (e.g., distributors and PBMs)

Spencer Perlman and Sumesh Sood lead the healthcare effort. They combine more than 40 years of experience working in healthcare, serving variously as senior Congressional staff, policy analysts, portfolio managers, and fundamental analysts.